Holly Tedder 10 Jul 2021

We just love all that Brandon and his staff do. They are so knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and caring! Elite Pack is a true asset to have for the area!


Mary Sellers 05 Jul 2021

Very friendly trainers.


Tricia C Zacharias 05 Jul 2021

 I like them explaining what they worked on for the day & then watching the video.

Robin Helgens 05 Jul 2021

The trainers are friendly and helpful. They listen and really tailor the training to get the best results. Thank you!

Jody Cooper 18 Jun 2021

 Our dog is making great progress.


RL Campbell 16 Jun 2021

 I can only say good things about your work you've done .


RL Campbell 15 Jun 2021

 Glad you where close and I know you will take good care of Titan.


Jo Co 14 Jun 2021



RL Campbell 12 Jun 2021

 I'm glad I took Titan to your kennel, I trust your training and experience.  He has learned a lot


Tara McCoy 08 Jun 2021

 I am so happy we found Brandon and his staff. Right from the start you can tell they are caring and professional. Brandon has taken the extra time to work with our rescue dog and her needs. We are so happy that we took our other dog to him for extra training. Book your training session with Branson, you’ll be thankful you did.


Deborah J Sickles 27 May 2021

 I love Elite Pack Dog Training and everyone there. They ROCK.


Trista Kuehl 20 May 2021

 I’m so excited to the see the growth week by week. Patricia is learning so much! Beyond grateful we found Elite Pack Dog Training!


Deborah J Sickles 12 May 2021

 Total and complete confidence in Brandon and his staff. They are going to help my Ivory become a happy dog.


Deborah J Sickles 08 May 2021

 I am so excited to have Brandon train my dog Ivory. We met him today and I can tell he has a real passion for what he does.


Kathleen Holst 01 May 2021

 Brandon and staff have consistently gone above and beyond helping us with training our pups.


Robert Yount 10 Apr 2021

 If you're hesitant about taking your dog here for training, don't be. Brandon and Anthony are incredibly trustworthy and dedicated trainers. They have helped my 4 month old Lab/Aussie mix thrive and they always answer any questions I have or make suggestions to help the training process at home. Even with their booming business they will always take the necessary time needed for you and your dog. My dog Luna and I will be back for the AKC Good Citizen training class, next!


Barb Denny 05 Apr 2021

My 4 mos old puppy had first class today. Brandon explained what she had been working on and what my homework assignment was. He answered all questions and asked me to contact him if there were specific issues I needed him to work on.


Annie 28 Mar 2021

I started my 4month old puppy in the Puppy Star program and have noticed such great improvements in such a short time! I am so impressed with her progress I signed her up for an additional program so that she will continue learning. Anthony and Brandon are great to work with!


Lindsay Lange 22 Mar 2021

 Mera is loving training! Brandon and Anthony are amazing with her! We have referred several other furry friends who feel the same!


Jan Syata 11 Mar 2021

My parents are very happy with the training our 5 month old black lab has received. The trainers take the time to answer questions and they felt very comfortable leaving their beloved dog in their hands


RL Campbell 01 Mar 2021

 Glad I started bringing my dog .


Amanda Williams 01 Mar 2021

Really wants to have your dog succeed and will do what it takes to make that happen. Works with the owners and goes above and beyond with your pets training.


RL Campbell 20 Feb 2021

I can see a difference in Titan since he has been going to training . he has a lot of energy that I need to work out . thanks


Jerry Bartruff15 Feb 2021

You did great as always! Thanks!


RL Campbell 05 Feb 2021

I could tell right a way he was learning what you have taught him . I will try to keep up with what you taught me . thanks


mike Saunders 28 Jan 2021

The Elite Pack Team is the best around...Period! Their style has been incredible effective in teaching my stubborn pup, while allowing her to be a pup. She loves getting out of the truck for her session.


Toni Hull 04 Jan 2021



Carey Ponce 31 Dec 2020

Loving, friendly & knowledgeable staff! We ♥️ Elite


Janeen Justice 20 Dec 2020

Fantastic as always!! Thank you Brandon for all you do for Tara


Janeen Justice 09 Dec 2020

As always great experience with Brandon & elite pack!


Janeen Justice 09 Dec 2020

Brandon is the best!! Have always had positive experiences with Elite Pack😃


Julie Rutz 02 Dec 2020

Brandon was great with teaching my dog not to jump. Otis has been much better behaved and I owe that all to Brandon. I highly recommend him!


Jerry Bartruff 20 Nov 2020

We, including Layla, always have a great experience at Elite Pack Dog Training. Layla is beginning to make the transition from puppy to young dog. Staff are great!


Monika Deatsch 04 Nov 2020

I can't begin to say how much I appreciate Brandon, Anthony, and Staff. The 3 of you are so kind and accomodating with my dog Murphy. Every time I drop him off I am greeted and asked how things have been going with Murphy since the last time he was there. you are more than willing to give special time to an issue I am having with him. He has improved a lot from the beginning. Some days I feel like he has not made any progress at all since he started or that he has reverted back to where we started and I you are so concerned/interested in my feelings and reassure me that we will get there and that you are there for me and my needs with Murphy. You are very accommodating with scheduling him, and are happy to spend more time/emphasize an issue I am having with Murphy.


Jenny braithwaite 13 Sep 2020

Highly recommend Elite. We were very impressed with his knowledge in training dogs. Excited to go back.


Ryan Butler 07 Sep 2020

Brandon is a calm and kind trainer. Our dogs needed polishing with their obedience and he took us to the next level in one session. We look forward to doing the 6 week program with him to help our female doberman with her anxiety around other dogs.


Xiomara Levsen 06 Sep 2020

We took our puppy to Brandon. He noticed the collar we were using to correcting Gizmo's behavior was too big and switched it out. Within a couple of minutes Gizmo was sitting without prompting. Brandon is a great trainer with a lot of experience. His passion for training dogs shows. I highly recommend him.


Emma Silverman 31 Aug 2020

I cannot recommend elite pack strongly enough! Brandon and his team do a great job of getting to know every dog there and individualizing their programs. Brandon has not only helped my puppy a ton, but he's also helped me with all of my new-puppy-mom questions, even on days when I am not scheduled.

Carey Ponce    09 Jul 2020

Brandon was great with our dog! She made great improvements in a few short days. He is very knowledgeable and explained everything very well. We are very happy with his training services!


Bob Schmidt    04 Jul 2020

Excellent experience. Very excited about the training and help for Toby and us.


Tania Viet    03 Jul 2020

We have had an excellent experience with Elite Pack Dog training. Brandon and his team have gone above and beyond to take the time to work on specific needs for our dog like socializing with other dogs and kennel training that we lost when COVID hit. They have continued to help us work on the more detailed behaviors we looking accomplish and give us great feedback and training. We have been extremely happy with Brandon and his team and look forward to continuing to work with them. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their dogs confidence and obedience.


Michael Ginty    10 Jun 2020

Great advice! The internet can't coach you on how to react to your specific dogs mindset. I want to spoil my dog, of course; but Brandon and Anthony explained how I should pause at certain times in order to make the dog think more.


Ashley Sharpe    03 Jun 2020

Brandon is amazing. He works really well with the dogs, and explains everything well to the owners! Our 4 month old puppy will even listen to our two years old after training with Brandon!


Kellie Fruehling    18 May 2020

A lot of good information and it was just day 1! Brandon is very knowledgeable and friendly and explains what will be happening and why.


Kari Bakeris    12 May 2020

Brandon and Anthony have been amazing so far. We are entering our second week with two highly energetic Vizslas. They love them and we appreciate what they have done, and what’s to come!


Luke Seele    27 Apr 2020

Profound difference, absolutely worth. After just four days my Dogs behavior is improved and she’s doing things I was completely unable to get her to do before. I can’t wait to get her back to train with Brandon!


Maria    15 Apr 2020

Brandon is awesome. He is very patient and just gets dogs and what they need in order to learn. He really tailors the training to what your dog needs. I recommend anyone with any kind of dog to go to him.


Kristin Edwards    31 Mar 2020

I had requested an in-home session for our rescue dog to work on leash walking. AJ was fantastic! He answered all my questions, was very patient and showed me techniques that I could use immediately to help on walks. I'm not even sure how long an in-home session was supposed to last, but AJ stayed until I felt comfortable and all my questions/concerns were addressed, I never felt rushed or like my questions were dumb. Both Brandon and AJ are awesome and I will continue to use Elite Pack for our on-going training. Thanks Brandon & AJ!


David Denneny    14 Mar 2020

Brandon has been amazing, we have seen a huge improvement in our dog Lucy’s behavior. Brandon is very professional and I highly recommend elite pack dog training !


Kami Olthoff    03 Mar 2020

Our Chiweenie Ruby had a terrible time with seperation anxiety. She would be absolutely soaked from drool from being so stressed while she was in her kennel. She would howl and bark for hours. After doing the 4 day board and train she is a completely different dog. While she doesn't LOVE her kennel she does tolerate her kennel and isn't soaking wet anymore. It's a complete transformation from when we dropped her off. We can't thank Elite Pack Dog Training enough.


Toni Hull    21 Feb 2020

Brandon with Elite Pack Dog Training is absolutely amazing with our dog. He has learned so much and still has to much to learn. We appreciate his time and patience with our puppy and we will never go anywhere else for dog training!


Zayla Jyawook    20 Feb 2020

Elite Pack is the best training out there! My now 8 month old husky, Cash is very stubborn. He had a ton of issues with biting while trying to pet him or going anywhere near him with a toy, listening to basic commands, jumping into the sink and grabbing dishes out, and basically everything you can think of. Brandon is one of the most supportive, easygoing, and determined trainers out there. Hes turned my dog into a good citizen. I am so happy with how cash has been in these 6 weeks I’ve worked with Brandon. He also makes training very affordable and is willing to train your dog as long as he thinks is necessary (in my case 3 overnight days in a row!) I can’t say enough things about elite pack! Truly something that has changed my dog for the better!


Sierra Dawn    27 Jan 2020

Awesome !!! Super helpful!!! Highly recommend


Alan Reed    28 Dec 2019

We really enjoy interacting with Brandon and the access we have to him when we have questions. Koda loves him too. He and his entire family are completely committed to teaching you how to get a well behaved dog because, as we are learning, the key is training us!! He answers questions from adults and kids with appropriate level of responses and treats them with equal importance. No dog is a bad dog and there are creative ways to get to goal. He is hands on and very responsive. We can recommend his program for any dog owners


Lori Weldon Peters    28 Dec 2019

Brandon was knowledgeable and helpful. My first walk when I got home, my dog had distractions of another walker and a dog running and barking in a fenced in back yard. I got my dog to sit and focus on me and not the distractions. This felt sooooooo good! Highly recommended!